10 Natural Ingredients for Healthy Hair


More often than not, we ignore our good old wives’ tales, or “daadi maa ke nuskhe” either because we’re blinded by the foggy truth behind the chemical products we have pumped into our hair or we’re just plain stubborn. Only until we feel that the damage is (almost) irreversible, do our ears pay heed to the “aù naturel” advice. From a land which gave birth to Ayurveda, the first instance of medicinal practice, Indian kitchens have always been loaded by medicines under the guise of flavours and tastes. Enlisting, a few of them from off your shelf and a few from your garden to turn your hair woes to hair wows!


10 Natural Ingredients can Up your Hair Game!


1.) Hibiscus:


Yes that gorgeous flower that grows just outside your home can do more than adding to your garden's aesthetics. Organic oil extracted from Hibiscus is believed to add a natural tinge to the hair and make hair regrow from dormant patches. Now you finally understand what flower power meant! 


2.) Amla / Gooseberries


If only there were a list that could complete the goodness this sour but helluva power-packed fruit Amla has. Gooseberries are very rich in Vitamin-C which boosts collagen known to replace dead cells of hair follicles with new ones hence can be helpful with inducing hair growth length and volume. This tangy berry does wonders when included in diet and also helps to promote scalp & hair health, so no rough hair and excellent rough-age for the stomach too! A win-win- can’t beat that, can we?


3.) Mustard:


Yikes! Yes, the icky- sticky mustard oil has been the go-to remedy for hair fall and volume, although its pungent smell is off-putting but as we know nothing good comes without a little penance. The good news is, you can always wash it off in the morning, whilst your starved hair soak in the goodness of mustard overnight and the stalky braids may turn into a rather strong silken rope. Abracadabra!


4.) Rose Petals:


organic rose petals The Sun take away the smile from your hair?! How about something that blooms in the sunlight come and help you? Apart from leaving your hair smelling divine, oil derived from roses is said to repair sun-damaged hair, conditions them naturally, and nips frizziness in the bud! (Wink!)


5.) Lotus Buds:


lotus bud extracts We just can’t have enough of flowers and although used to worship, we should worship them too! Looking for a quick fix Keratase spa or Cysteine treatment minus the chemical and the hassle? Lotus buds have natural proteins that could repair your damaged hair and possibly give them lost nutrients.


6.) Black Pepper:


organic black pepper That’s ok for my eggs, but my hair?! It’s an age-old technique to add ground black pepper into a carrier oil, supposed to not just stop greying, but could reverse the process. Black pepper is believed to have anti-bacterial and follicle stimulating properties helpful in fighting dandruff and improving blood circulation to the roots of the hair. The process might sound pretty sneezy- oops- breezy, but worth exploring as the magic pepper can tingle the scalp for hair growth too, apart from just your taste buds. Sounds New, right?! But centuries-old..shhhh! 


7.) Honey:


organic honey Sweet for the hair as for the tongue! Often used & suggested by many grannies, as a leave-in conditioner, it’ll tackle those unruly thorny tresses going “hair-wire”! Lock some organic honey goodness in those locks and feel the oh-so-touchable texture after wash, some sweet advice, eh!?! 


8.) Sesame:


organic sesame oil If you’ve always whined about the sun burning your hair, then you know that til - ka tad (a mountain out of a molehill) isn’t as good as til ka tel. Sesame infused oils or serums are known to be saviours from UV rays and act like a natural sunscreen to your scalp and hair according to quite a few studies.


9.) Camphor:


camphor for hair The white naphtha ball like tablet that we all have seen our granny using in her “aarti” and the smell that reminds of a pooja ghar, actually is capable of adding sheen to your crown as well. It’s cool- almost mint-like freshness has helped more than a few to get rid of the (b)itchy - dandruff and the (b)itchier lousy lice! Try adding it crushed to your regular hair oil. How’s that for a double whammy?!


10.) Fenugreek / Methi Dana:


organic methi dana Methi or Fenugreek, leaves or seeds, a plant which can practically strengthen your hair even after you’ve bombarded them with chemical-laden products, and stripped off any recognisable strength they had. It is known to have lecithin (essential fats) in it, which can help keep the roots of hair hydrated hence adds to the strength. For people having dry, thin & weak hair, look for fenugreek on your organic hair oil's label and the “ball” should be in your court, instead of the “bald”!


 So if you’ve “had it” with giving your dying hair a chemo, we can go 1 to 10 all over and still “Strand” by it.


By - Divya Handa Khera

Bollywood Screenwriter and a Lifestyle Influencer.




Legal Disclaimer: Information given here is generic, has not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease, please consult an expert for any medical condition.