A new favorite in the Organic Beauty Products "Organic Affaire" - by Gossip Mongers

Gossip Mongers

is an online blog portal writing majorly about Skincare, health, and fitness. they list the natural skincare products present in the Indian market and help people make a smart purchase knowing the best available options. They were drawn to Organic Affaire's growing social footprint and expressed their interest to review our products for their audiences.

In their words

Organic Affaire is one of the most promising brands in the organic skincare products industry. Their idea is to promote natural skincare by delivering the 100% organic beauty products to people.

Team Gossip Mongers found below mentioned from our bouquet worth judging & detailing for their valuable followers.

  1. Joli (Face Wash) - Infused with juniper, chamomile & jojoba.
  2. Tenera (Hair Serum/Conditioner) - Infused with avocado, rosemary & coconut milk.
  3. Florette (Night Cream).- Infused with french lavender, rose & chamomile essentials.

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We always encourage beauty critics to deep dive our creations, give them complete freedom to test them to stringent parameters before they endorse it to their audience. Organic Affaire welcomes Gossip Mongers wholeheartedly and are thankful for endorsing us on their platform.

Paraben Free Skin Care by Organic Affaire


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