Organic Affaire in Words of FABBON

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Fabbon is a famous beauty blog which aims to solve the everyday problem of “Not able to find trusted and complete information about Beauty and Cosmetics at one place”.
Buzz around brand Organic Affaire among beauty community & bloggers caught caught team Fabbon's interest to put their hands on two of our products i.e. a face wash JOLI & a night cream FLORETTE.

Their Experience:

JOLIThe skin looks clean and fresh after using this face wash. The moisture content in the skin definitely gets replenished as it also becomes soft. This is easily one of the best face wash for dry skin we have used till now.

FLORETTE If you would want to experience instant hydration, then this is your go to cream. Florette blends amazingly well with the skin and gives it all the required moisture. The rose and chamomile essential oils are the real ingredients which moisturize the skin from within.

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