Organic Affaire's Hair Care & Night Cream, exclusive review by blogger - Shruti Wahi

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Bespokegrub is blog by Shruti Wahi where she shares her point of view on a wide range of topics from Fashion & Lifestyle to Food & Restaurant reviews as well as Film & Book reviews, this summer Shruti was kind enough to post a detailed insight on Organic Affaire as a brand, exclusive details by renowned blogger on our hair care products & Night Cream i.e. Florette (Night Cream), Keralusicious (Hair Oil), Tenera (Hair Conditioner), Silka (Shampoo). Blogger acknowledged the purity, efficacy, & craftsmanship completing our creation.

Team Organic Affaire is deeply thankful to Shruti for taking time out & sharing insights on our products with her fans. We are happy to know that our hair oil Kerluscious is now blogger's favorite and would be part of her hair care routine.

organic affaire product review

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