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Yep! you aren't misreading it, exercise and beauty are indeed correlated, it is not always about shedding those extra pounds or getting that chiselled torso, exercising is rather one of the most vital factors that contribute towards a healthy, clear and glowing skin. Not to mention the names but we all have seen some of our quite known celebs easily beating the age clock even in their 50's or early 60's, well! how are they doing it? do you really believe it's because of some magical beauty product? Oops! it ain't the case, I would like to reiterate just don't look at their wardrobes or beauty brands they endorse, simply research more into their workout routines. I can blindly bet on the fact that all of them are physically quite active.

When we exercise, we sweat and sweating unclogs our pores, flushing out all unrequired, dirt, sebum, bad oil, toxins etc. via skin and that acts as a great detox therapy hence improves skin clarity & texture. A good amount of exercise also improves blood circulation and better circulation is not only about cardio-related benefits, but it's also about releasing more nutrients, blood flow, more oxygen to your skin which immensely improves skin quality, haven't we heard "we look what we eat" well then shouldn't we feed our skin properly for it to look good? Well! a good workout will help you with that. I need not draw your attention to the fact that regular exercising tones and shapes the body, but isn't it true that those with a toned body look better than those with absurd curves? so isn't being in shape also part of being beautiful? I bet it is and we better be more focused on our workout routine.


Do's:  Do any exercise that makes you mildly short of breath for 15 minutes, idea is to keep your heart rate to 70% of the adjusted heart rate i.e. 220 minus your current age for 10-15 minutes every alternate day, confused? :) Picky any from Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, HIIT etc.  (those with cardio issues, please seek advice from your doctor, don't just start with any workout)

Don'ts: Over-exercising can turn into a hazard from bliss, this will rather trigger more issues, injuries than benefits so don't rush increase your workout intensity with time and rest well, 8 hours of sleep is ideal.

Tip:  Those who are not into Yoga, working out pelvis, knees, shoulder and then arms with weights twice a week & 20 minutes of Aerobics or Zumba once a week should cover it all up.



Being Positive:


positive thinking

Probably the most underrated one, the most mysterious or may I say the most ignored one but really really the most critical one is our state of mind, "If you always think of blessings you attract more blessings if you always think of problems you attract more problems" - Buddha.

It is medically proven that negativity triggers stress and stress promotes the production of free radicals in our body, free radicals are unstable molecules that as the name says are free to damage cells in our body, create mutations that may lead to cancer or may even damage DNA. When we are stressed out our body demands more energy which in turns requires more oxygen & this causes over oxidation which consequently produces Free Radicals as a byproduct. 

Have you ever seen a naturally appearing beautiful person suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, heart conditions etc.? rather people with such conditions often tend to appear even older than their age. So happiness is something we all have to create within it can't be something gifted to us. if you can master the art of creating happiness within not only your skin but your body, hair, eyes everything bit of you will glow. 

Observation: Being compassionate rather than jealous and listening to your environment than rather being in selfish thoughts are 2 things that have medically and psychologically seen to boost positive hormones and dopamine in our brain which are markers of happiness.

positive attitude

Do's: Do at least 2 such things every day religiously that make you happy, preferably 1 at the beginning of your day and 1 at the end of your day.

Don'ts: Do I need to say it? don't be negative try and maintain positivity we all have difficult times in life, no one is spared of that.


Pro Anti-Ageing Tip:  We all know that our skin dulls down with age but what if I reveal a secret that could slow down ageing and that too without applying any beauty product. Yes, you read it right, the secret here is "Fasting", it's medically proven that on fasting for around 24-48 hours our body starts to autodigest its bad cells which work as a massive detox for the body thus slows signs of ageing. Avoid fasting more than a day or half in 3-4 weeks and keep your body hydrated with liquids while you fast. This discovery won a Nobel prize in medicine and the phenomenon is called Autophagy.


Dr Yuvnish Bhardwaj (MD-Canada)


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