Winter Care for Face



The calendar marks the onset of the winter season, with the sun fading away a little early and the cold winds blowing around. In this weather, our face epidermis suddenly feels cracked and dry, it lacks moisture and appears dull. It is the time when we all need to pay extra attention to our face care by nourishing it with good moisturizers and natural oils. The ideal way all the grannies and mommies would recommend to take care of your facial skin is the use of naturally available kitchen ingredients. While this may sound way too boring, yet there are some crazy ingredients which can do wonders to your skin.


7 Natural Ingredients that can give your face the natural winter blush


1.) Rose Petals:

rose png

We all are mesmerized by those advertisements which showcase rose petals gently touching the facial skin. But have you ever wondered what has roses to do with that mushy and plushy skin those petals just slide upon, why the rose flower plays such a crucial role in face care? Roses contain antioxidants that prevent the production of free radicals that damage the epidermal tissues. Antioxidants fight these foreign bodies and offer the anti-ageing protection leaving your skin smooth and light. Blend in rose water, rose oil or rose extracts to your CTM routine in winters and you are good to go with your face care.

2.) Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is a magic ingredient for the face. The benefits which this oil offers are as beautiful as the flower itself. Lavender is believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and anti-oxidation properties which can be helpful with various skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne etc. anti-oxidants present in Lavender oil are known to offer protection from free radicals which can be helpful in slowing down the formation of fine lines on the skin.

Apart from its medicinal benefits, it can also help with protecting the skin from sunlight and thus lavender oil is often used as a skin-lightening agent, or as a primary fairness component in various skincare products. Looking forward to flawless radiating skin? Don’t forget to look for lavender oil on the label of your winter skincare product next time.

Pro Tip: Many cosmetic products these days try to encash the name “Lavender” due to its well-known benefits but often don’t add in pure lavender oil is it comes expensive. Make sure the product label says “essential oil of Lavender” and not “Lavender fragrance”, pure lavender oil smells a bit camphorous and woody, it will never have a sweet floral smell like that of rose or jasmine.



3.) Glycerin:

Glycerin is a natural skin-conditioner extracted from plant or animal fats, its viscosity is liquidly, appears colourless and is almost odourless. We all have probably read or heard that Glycerin is used by actors to fake tears but is that its only well-known use? Well, that might not be the case, Glycerin is one of the most commonly found skin conditioning agent used by the cosmetic industry and works wonders for the skin.


Glycerin helps to keep skin hydrated, toned, glowing & gently moisturized it rather is known to shields skin’s natural moisturization by creating a protective layer over the skin, making skin appear age-less and shiny. Can keep blackheads in control! It’s known to be a non-comedogenic humectant hence will never clog your pores like other greasy moisturizers, well if that isn’t enough Glycerin is also used as a glossing & moisturizing agent in lip balms/moisturizers.

Using glycerin-based organic face creams, elixirs in winters can add that ever so desired sheen to your facial skin.



4.) Coconut:

coconut oil skin benefits


From sweets, hair oil and garnishes to chutneys Coconut has always managed to sustain itself in our homes but this time we want to draw your attention to its beauty benefits. Oil extracted from Coconut has beautifying properties worth moving it out of your kitchen and bathrooms to your dressing table. Coconut oil gets its creamy texture due to the presence of various fatty acids in its composition like oleic, lauric and linoleic acids known to offer anti-bacterial and collagen-boosting properties.

Collagen is a structural protein which helps skin maintain firmness and its elasticity. Adding coconut oil to face care routine can help regain skin’s lost moisture, treat dryness making it soft and supple.

Coconut oil can be helpful in fading away long-existing scars, blemishes with regular gentle massage on the affected areas, known to have great anti-inflammation properties Coconut oil can even manage your burns to sun tans.

Try adding a few drops of natural or organic coconut oil preferably extra-virgin cold-pressed oil to your regular face moisturizer and apply it to your skin before going to the bed and we are sure your skin will feel more nourished, fuller & smoother next morning.



5.) Vitamin-E:

Vitamin E face benefits

A powerful skin vitamin! This naturally available nutrient can be found in various foods, nuts & green vegetables known to be vital to support healthy immune system, fight bacteria, stimulate blood vessels and youthful skin. Yes, you have read it right “Youthful Skin” Well! We are not expecting you to apply vegetables or foods rich in Vitamin-E to your skin J. Key to the treasure is hidden in oils extracted from these sources as such oils will also tend to be rich in Vitamin-E.

Applying Vitamin-E enriched oils or products are known to strongly prevent ageing, hyper-pigmentation and oxidation of the cells, thus, offering anti-wrinkle and smooth looking, radiant skin. Many natural, home-made and organic daily care products use Vitamin-E to enhance skin-nourishing properties of their beauty products for example Vitamin-E when combined with Vitamin-C can offer in sun-screen properties to your skin. So next time you go shopping, find the skincare formulas with Vitamin-E on their labels and give yourself a flawless-looking skin.

Pro Tip: Does the labels says Alpha-tocopherol? Don’t worry it’s what you are looking for i.e. Vitamin-E.



6.) Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera face benefits

Most of us already know, have heard or have read about the skin benefits this divine herb has to offer. Aloe Vera is known to contain Vitamins A (Beta Carotene), B, C and enzymes in an active form which are responsible for its great medicinal skin benefits. This super herb packs along great anti-inflammatory & soothing properties which can be very beneficial in treating acne, burns, cuts & minor abrasions.

Being rich in Vitamin-E it could prove to be an excellent moisturizer especially for those with oily skin as unlike face creams Aloe Vera never leaves behind any greasiness, it rather gets absorbs quickly locking in skin’s natural moisture, leaving behind soft & supple skin.

Tip: Aloe Vera also acts as an exfoliator so applying too much natural Aloe frequently on the face could rather dry up your skin or result in rashes, try not to store fresh Aloe for long as in natural form it will start decaying after few hours. It’s handier and advisable to look for products containing organic Aloe or organic Aloe Vera gels treated with natural grade preservatives like TCLS so that it’s easier to use and has good shelf life without any compromises on quality.



7.) Sesame:

Sesame oil face benefits

Packed with antioxidants like sesamol, this ingredient is believed to have strong inflammatory properties that help from the protection of harmful UV rays of the sun. A few drops of its application can prevent sunburns and rashes, so don’t forget to look for sesame oil in your daily face creams or sunscreen. Sesame oil is also known to be rich in Vitamin A & E responsible for healing & repairing damaged skin cells making it effective moisturizer that could effectively address dry flaking skin and those growing fine lines.

Try adding sesame oil to your face care routine, ideally in winters before you go to the bed. Wash your face, massage using few drops of sesame oil (add few drops of lavender oil to it) until absorbed fully and rinse next morning.



We hope this winters you will surely blend in few of the above mentioned marvels mother nature has bestowed us with into your face care routine and find a new bright & shining you.





Legal Disclaimer: Information given here is generic, has not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease, please consult an expert for any medical condition.