Lavande (Face Wash)

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All Skin -  Daily Face Hygiene - 100 ml (3.4 Oz)


French Lavender & Organic Jojoba

No Harsh Chemicals, No Animal Testing, Free from Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Paraben or Sulfates


Handmade organic face hygiene formula, crafted with certified organic & natural ingredients not only cleanses dirt but also soothes your mind, body & soul with goodness of French Lavender, Aloe, Olive & Jojoba.


Pure essential oil of french lavender, organic jojoba oil, saponified organic olive oil, organic corn oil, organic castor oil, organic pungama oil, organic coconut oil, vitamin E, vegetable glycerin, shea butter, extract of organic lemon, aloe vera gel, demineralized water, & salinatural TCLS Natural Preservative.


Apply required quantity on face & rinse. Natural soap may turn flaky in cold temperatures. Kindly put the bottle in warm water to retrieve consistency. Avoid contact with eyes. Patch test recommended before use. Store in a cool & dark place.

Shelf life of this product is 24 months from the date of manufacturing



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Aradhya k.
India India
Sensitive skin friendly!

I have very sensitive skin and this lavender face wash is really mild and above all water-based without any artificial fragrances, works well for me as my daily day & night cleanser.

Bina R.
India India
Great product!

I have tried loads of face wash saying natural, herbal, ayurvedic etc. but most of them usually have a major base of chemicals, colours or perfumes in them with some good ingredients just for sake of highlighting on the label, however Lavande face wash from organic affaire is very gentle and I think it's the only face wash I have found so far which cleans all dirt, make-up etc. even after being a mild face wash. I am giving 5tars to this product as I can experience, smell and vouch to the fact that they have used original lavender oil, which I know is really an expensive oil, so for sure this brand is not compromising on quality, highly recommended. But I wonder why is it called Lavande and not Lavender? I am sure there must be a reason and this is not a spelling mistake :)

Mini K.
India India
truly natural & organic

So from quite some time I was looking for a mild liquid face wash as I don't like emulsified products with artificial gels, creams or colours. This one fits the bill really well hasn't got any harsh chemicals, sulfates or synthetic preservative, it has a very subtle natural aroma of lavender essential oil which is great to tone skin and is known to be an excellent anti-bacterial. Product is mild enough to be used even more than once a day.

Nidhi K.
India India
Really works for acne prone skin

I used to suffer from minor acne very often and this face wash has actually slowed it down for me within a month I am not any derma expert but I am guessing it's the Lavender oil in this face wash doing the magic as I have read a lot about Lavender oil's acne treating and anti-ageing properties. Go for it girls you are not going to regret it, this one is worth investing in, easily lasts more than a month...

Vrinda S.
India India
Ideal for oily/combination acne prone skin

This product is a perfect solution for my acne prone oily skin, I usually see my acne reccurring every summer no matter how many medicines etc. I take. This organic face wash Lavande is the most simple and straightforward answer to my problem, It's not an medicine that can treat acne permanently and I think acne has more to do with harmones at particular age levels but using this face wash twice a day keeps my acne in control, take that word from me it works! essential oil of lavender anyways has anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties I had double checked that fact on various websites before I tried this product so its bang on target. All I didn't understood initially was why they have named the product as Lavande as its Lavender, my assumption was it's an spelling mistake but then figured out Lavender is called "Lavande" in french and they are using french lavender oil in the product... :)