Skin Care Tips for Summers

With excessive heat in summers your skin becomes highly vulnerable to menaces like, blemishes, blackheads, oily skin, acne etc. Sweat, dehydration, exposure to UV rays, pollutants & unhealthy lifestyle create ideal conditions to steal away radiance & glow from your skin. Here are some tips & product recommendations that will help you battle through all odds and still maintain your charm in summers.


Having plenty of water is the thumb rule

drinking water

Rising mercury can deplete your body’s water level at a very fast pace, it can happen even before you realize. Dehydration doesn’t allow your body to detox and flush the evil out hence toxin level in your body goes high causing headaches, dizziness, pimples, dead skin resulting in a dull & pale looking you. Having decent amount of water in summers is a must to achieve a refreshing radiant skin. Water helps your body flush out harmful toxins, improves blood circulation, keeps your body hydrated and replenished. Try to have at least 8-9 glasses of water a day in summer time. Coffee addicts, heads up! Caffeine is a dehydrator so add on some extra glasses over and above daily recommended intake.


Organic Fruits & Veggies

Fruits natural skin detox

Your body tends to accumulate higher toxins due to dehydration in summers, so apart from increasing your water intake major portion of your summer diet should comprise of water based fruits & veggies. They make up for your daily misses on minimum water intake. Avoid heavy carb, sugar, fat laden foods park your Junk cravings for time being, all that will pop up into Acne on your face. Melons, Kiwi, Avocado, Cucumber, and Green Leafy Vegetables are ideal to keep you full as well as help your skin look healthy & rejuvenated.


Hair Hygiene

Hair issues in summers

We all aspire a beautiful face but being beautiful isn’t complete without having long shiny hair. Skin care in summers is not confined only to face, hair too are important. Scorching heat, sweat and dust tend to be very harsh on your hair, direct sunlight damages hair texture, sweat pollution and dust deteriorate scalp’s natural oil forming grease on scalp which eventually will result in dandruff, hair fall, split ends & dry unmanageable hair. So don’t expose your hair for long in direct sun especially in noon time, don’t step outside with oily, sweaty hair, increase the frequency of your hair wash i.e. 2-3 times a week we know that’s raises another question Won’t excessive shampooing further thin my hair? Well be apprised clean scalp is a healthy scalp, it’s actually harsh chemicals which ruin your hair texture so stay away from chemically bombarded cosmetics, hair sprays or hair serums. Finding yourself a good paraben, sulfate free shampoo would be the right approach. Explore Organic Affaire’s paraben, sulfate free Silka shampoo.

  • Silka - Infused with Ocimum, Aloe & Tea Tree oils. Ocimum is a variant of Tulsi/Basil, Tulsi is a natural anti-bacterial & anti-depressant, fights scalp infections, soothes down scalp, increases blood circulation, Tea Tree has amazing natural anti-dandruff properties so helps in keeping your scalp dandruff free, while Aloe Vera acts as a great natural conditioner to promote lustre. BUY HERE
  • For dry, weak, falling hair use Silka shampoo in combination with herbal hair oil Keraluscious (infused with brahmi, bhringa & neem). BUY HERE
  • For curly, unmanageable hair use Silka shampoo in combination with hair conditioner/serum Tenera (infused with rosemary, coconut milk & avocado). BUY HERE


Face Hygiene

cucumber on eyes

Do you know how much oil, dust, pollution induced particles settle into pores on your face causing blackheads, dull & dead looking face skin? Yep a sweaty oily face in summers attracts all of those causing high intense skin damage making you look over your age. Don’t avoid washing your face every time you feel it sticky & dull, maintaining good face hygiene is the key use face mask, scrubs, toners, switch to a good face wash as a basic first aid, find one having good detoxifying natural organic ingredients. STAY AWAY FROM CHEMICAL LADEN FACE WASH, NO PARABENS ALCOHOL PLEASE! Try Organic Affaire’s Lavnade & Joli.

  • LavndeInfused with French Lavender & Jojoba. French Lavender fights bacteria, skin infections, treats acne, cleanses deeply, fades marks/blemishes & curbs down ageing. Jojoba tones & restores skin’s freshness without depleting its natural moisturization. BUY HERE
  • JoliInfused with Juniper, Chamomile & Neem. Neem and juniper oils help with dermatitis, acne, fungal infections, detoxifies, aids to unclog oil from pores and restores skin's pH levels. Chamomile gently moisturizes, lightens skin blemishes, scars and controls skin irritations. BUY HERE


Lip balms are for summers too

organic affaire lip balms for summers

Did you knew your lips are not capable of keeping themselves naturally hydrated, Lips can’t form natural oils they always need external hydration. Finding yourself a decent chemical free organic lip butter should be next on your lip care list, find ones free from paraffin based wax you don’t want that chemical to go on your lips or in your mouth. Rather if you love to have some tint explore a organic tinted lip balm that not only will keep your lips hydrated but keep your makeup minimalistic, trust us you really don’t want heavy make up in Summers that will damage more than it will make your look charming. Explore Organic Affaire’s natural lip butters Plushy Pout

Summer friendly body lotions

Body Lotions in Summers

It’s very important you continue to keep your body’s skin nourished & moisturized in summers too, yes summers though sticky but shouldn’t be an excuse to deprive your skin from a good body lotion. Keeping skin hydrated slows down it’s ageing process, moisturization is just like food for skin but for a change this time you don’t want a thick greasy winter body lotion, dump that one till mercury falls down, find yourself a light quick absorbing lotion, one with detoxifying ingredients, citrusy oils, free from alcohol & harsh chemicals would be ideal to be applied right after you shower or before you go to bed so that your skin gets it’s much needed nutrition for the day. Just ensure you allow lotion to be absorbed before you step out of your house. It would be worth exploring Organic Affaire’s Mushy Boo body lotion, it’s from baby body range hence gentleness is assured.

  • Mushy BooInfused with Blueberry, Chamomile & Jojoba. Jojoba gives you that much needed natural moisturization, loaded with vitamin-E while Chamomile & Blueberry being rich in anti-oxidants keep the skin rejuvenated. BUY HERE


Sunscreen & Night Cream

 Sunscreen in Summers

UV rays & excessive heat can stimulate ageing, damage skin, induce fine lines. Having a good sun screen & a decent night cream is must in summers too. Though cosmetics industry offers loads of products but choosing one that suits you is the key for e.g. one should know what level of SPF is good enough to protect their skin. If you are not sure which one suits borrow that are working well for your friends or have a sample collected from a store, do a patch test and then zero down your purchase. Apart from sun screens overnight anti-ageing application can’t be ignored, you are rather more vulnerable to fine lines, wrinkles, ageing in summers. Religiously stick to your daily overnight face care regime, all you need is a good night cream before you go to bed but just ensure you don’t over apply it half of what you apply in winters is good enough in summers. Rose & Lavender have known to carry natural anti-ageing properties from times of ancient Egypt, both the oils are excellent anti-ageing agents it would be worth exploring “FLORETTE” a night cream infused with pure essential oils of French Lavender, Rose & Chamomile.

  • FloretteSteam distilled essential oils of Rose & Chamomile tighten pores, provide instant hydration, repair & tone your face’s skin, French Lavender is a magical essential oil that fades blemishes, scars, fights infections, when combined with Rose instantly curbs down Ageing process. BUY HERE



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